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Electronic Check Truncation requires
financial documents to meet strict Image
readiness and MICR standards. Traditional
testing methods require an Optical and
Magnetic tester, several manual gauges
and tools and a great deal of training
and expertise. The RDM QCX performs
simultaneous magnetic and optical tests.

The RDM QCX fulfills all the requirements
for MICR and Image testing in a single
machine that makes it easy for the novice
to use and understand and a technical
analyst to appreciate all the tools available
for detailed testing and reporting.

The RDM QCX’s powerful software
performs the testing and analysis for
you and reports MICR and Image failures
and warnings based on specific country
standards. It also provides the ability to
create custom alerts and screen pop-ups
so that issues are reported / emailed to
management and press operators are
advised of required actions.